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Literary Triathlon: Picks

By Trish Barnes


Today's Literary Triathlon pick of the day is from Trish Branes of Cranbrook, BC. 

Poetry: Lucky is

Ah, to wend our way
in this life
is how we tend to wish
our days would pass.
Or, failing this,
we yearn for one, unbounded
day, as big and broad
as our ambitions.

But life has another

Its hours roar past.
We may marvel at the slide.

Short Story: Also ran

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He was just here. I’ll try him on his cell. Hello? It’s me. You’ve gone again, but you should be here. I don’t like it when you leave like this. Didn’t you think it through? How the hot concrete would burn your feet? How the road home would rise up against you? Don’t tell me you’ve made it! You told me once you never lie. Can you believe it? He hung up on me. Some gratitude. Don’t touch the shoes! He’s dead to you, too.

Creative Nonfiction: Triple jump

Jump. What does that mean to a kid? To me it meant “Remember playing Kick the Can, and how you missed the can, because you jumped right over it? Don’t do the screw up part, but do jump LIKE THAT.”

So I learned the steps, how to skip between the lines and aim for the end of the sand. My legs and feet liked to stamp out the residual speed from the run, stamp out the pattern that held some room for grace and not just strength. 

How proud I was to win third place! It was the first and last time I rated in athletics. I was ten years old, and it was just two months after my father died and our family lost its grace and strength. I also won third in shot put that day, but it was just a fluke, like a lot of things.

Trish Barnes is from Cranbrook, BC

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