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Literary Triathlon: Picks

By Graeme Stewart


Today's Literary Triathlon pick of the day is from Graeme Stewart of Waterloo, ON.

Poetry: Against the Clock

Time is running out
Feign left, pivot right
Reflex or thought?
Don’t think, do
Time is bountiful
Misstep, compensate
Push through, free
Into space
Time is irrelevant

Short Story: Morning Beauty

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These shoes, that took me out into the dewy half-lit world. These shoes, which cushioned my feet as I worked to impress you. These shoes, the ones I wore the first morning you waved at me.

You never knew, but every morning as I tied the laces I smiled and hoped I would see your face. Your hair pulled tightly back, flawless muscles propelling you. It was the best part of my day, seeing you. 

I leave these shoes for you here where we once met, my number scrawled along the insole. Where have you gone? Will you find them?

Creative Nonfiction: The Beautiful Game

I’m 22; this could put us in final. I should take it, but I’d been drinking the night before. Excuses. I have John take the penalty. I curse as he misses, trying to fake out the keeper.
I’m 12; the ball’s at my feet. I’ve never played better. I slip past the defender and pick a target. Pain sears my calf as I’m taken down and a red card flies. Low and right, my teammate whispers. I lose myself and the ball clears the net. I play the remaining time near tears, my best performance overshadowed.
I’m 22; they’ve fouled again. John’s looking at me inquiringly. Mine, I announce. My legs weaken with each step towards the ball. My heart races, eyes stinging with sweat. Low, hard, and right I strike. The metal sings as the ball bounces off and into the net. The vibrations ring deep, a beautiful song.

Graeme Stewart is from Waterloo, ON.

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