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Literary Triathlon: Picks

By Donna Fawcett


Today's Literary Triathlon pick of the day is from Donna Fawcett of St. Marys, ON. 


Air whips at sweat soaked skin.
Lungs heave like bellows.
Muscles scream with each command to contract
Then contract again.

Driven; the ribbon in sight.
Air whips at sweat soaked skin.
Push harder.
Feel the adrenaline.
Another push of determination.
The sidelines blur.
The sweat pours.

The race is done.

Short Story: 

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for triathlon-shoes.jpg
I stare at the blisters, broken and raw.  The pavement scalds through the running shorts but I care not.  My shoes sit side-by-side just past the line. One points slightly to the left as though bracing for the starting pistol's bark.  

My eyes count the wounds this road warrior has earned while my greatest weapons sit like cast-offs.  They are waiting; waiting for me to take them up again.  The laces drape in loops.  The tongues are lifted.  They are poised for the moment when my feet will become one with them again and we will run with the wind.

Creative Nonfiction: 

Many thought I couldn't do it; an obese middle aged woman running a 16 kilometre race.  Ludicrous.  Dangerous.  Impossible.  I had a year until the race.  I had determination.  I had heart--and a husband who believed.

The weight peeled away as I took it one day at a time; one step after the other.  Through winter's icy blast; in the bitter rains of spring; as May's gentle warmth turned to June, July and August's furnace blast; I took one more step.  

Race day came.  My waistline had dwindled.  Muscles took the place of excess flesh. I could feel the churn of adrenaline and nerves.  

The flag dropped.  16 kilometres of focus and despair and exhaustion and elation.  

No.  I didn't win.  I finished.  I pushed across the line into the arms of the one person who knew I could.  His smile was my reward.  His hug; my gold medal.

Donna Fawcett is from St. Marys, ON

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