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Literary Triathlon: Picks

By Ali Bryan

Today's Pick of the Day is from Ali Bryan of Calgary, AB.

Poetry: First Place

Plastic motorcycle
top of hill
tiny pilot
dirt-dusted cheeks
hands puffy
like half baked dough
gripping the handlebars
Down hill
eyes closed
feet kicked to the side
front wheel wobbling
past the sewer grate finish line
An audience
house cats
First place

Short Story: Last Place

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He slipped off his shoes in disbelief but kept his socks on because they were attached to his skin by a compound of blood and sweat. His wife tried to console him but he shunned her and remained on the track like Richie Tennenbaum, dumbfounded and devastated. Beaten by his own mother who wore shape-ups and false eyelashes nonetheless! She was still celebrating when his brother’s wife opened their old Coleman cooler and began distributing Freezies to everyone.  The race was the last event of the day. All that remained was the closing ceremonies and barbecue.  He hated family reunions.

Creative Nonfiction: No Place

I’ve been obsessed with the Olympics since Alex Baumann won gold in the 400-metre IM back in Los Angeles in 1984. That race inspired my own Olympic dream. Asshole. I’m now 33 and still don’t have a sport. Last night I found myself googling things like “easiest sport to qualify for the Olympics” and “who is the oldest female Olympic competitor.” Anne Abernathy, aka “Grandma Luge” was 52 in her last Olympics. There was still hope but when I searched for luge camps they were looking for athletes between 8-14. So the search continued. This morning I came across a BBC tool where you can find your Olympic Athlete Body Match. At last! This is what I’ve been waiting for. I plug in my height and weight and get an exact match - to a Taekwondo athlete from the Dominican Republic - a male one. Time to get out the plastic motorcycle.

Ali Bryan lives in Calgary, AB.

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