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Literary Triathlon: Picks

By Jeff George


Today's Literary Triathlon pick of the day is from Jeff George of Tofino, BC 

Poetry: How Fast?

I travelled light
and I moved fast,
from Winnipeg to Georgia Strait 
then over to Kootenay Lake,
while you raced from India,
(kissing Ontario good-bye) 
to meet me and make me yours
Felt like it took half a life-time
but we crossed the line
in fifty words or less

Short Story: New Balance

Thumbnail image for triathlon-shoes.jpg
I saw the runners as soon as I turned into the parking lot behind our apartment. I was struck by how new they were, how odd it was to see perfectly good runners sitting alone on the pavement. 

They were your shoes. I wasn't 100% sure but I carried them upstairs. Inside, all the furniture was in its place but I noticed something missing right off, like when someone you know loses twenty pounds. You can't figure out what's different at first. It takes a minute. 
Empty hangers in the coat closet. Your gear gone. Like you.

Creative Nonfiction: Slocan Lake Regatta

There were half a dozen old sailboats in the race. The wind was light that summer afternoon. Just occasional zephyrs but we caught one as we crossed the start line and rode it across the lake, leaving everyone behind. 

We stalled near Wee Sandy Creek and the fleet reeled us in. On the leg to Bigelow Bay the wind filled but it was still light. We rolled over to a port tack and took a course that would drive us into Gary's boat. I twitched the tiller at the last minute and we slid behind his stern with a couple feet to spare. 

We covered him and pulled away. We made stillness an art form; we were its practitioners. We got a lift of cool mountain air from Carpenter Creek as we neared the line. It was enough, barely. 

The band played, people sang. I can hear them still.

Jeff George is from Tofino, BC

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