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Announcing YOUR favourite story: CBC Creative Nonfiction Prize public vote

You still need to wait until Monday morning to find out who won this year’s Creative Nonfiction Prize. But today we’re revealing the one story that you - the public - would most like to see win. 

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Two weeks ago we began to publish the stories on the shortlist for this year’s Prize. Then last week we asked you to vote for your favourite. Although the outcome of this vote will have no influence on who wins the competition (the jury has already met), the winner will get bragging rights and the satisfaction of knowing that his/her story was voted as the favourite among Canadians.

And winner of the public vote is…. 

Hilary Dean for “Holy Bald-Headed”. Her story received 39% of the vote.

Here are some quotes about her story that we received from the public:

“It rings true - language, characterization, brevity of plot. It caught my attention early & held it to the end.” - L Gillis

“Beautiful exploration of the fundamental, anchoring relationships we carry inside us--fragile as they are unshakeable. Brutality is bearable only in their company.” - Carolyn Ciccoritti

“It touched me so deeply and with such penetrating force, I'm still reeling from it. Hilary drew me in from the first line, gently and lovingly, and carried me to the final act simply, concisely, and oh so powerfully that I never even thought that it would end as horribly and poignantly as it did. Thank you, Hilary.” - Christina Jastrzembska

It was a close call, as the three other stories had some equally passionate fans.

"Sea Level" by Cornelia Hoogland

“Gorgeous, lush imagery in which a reader becomes contentedly lost. Reading it was like being out with the tides. A reminder of who we really are, and who we mistakenly try to become.” - Laura Little

"After, and Before" by Judy McFarlane

“A beautifully written story built around the full range of emotions that are part of dealing with a heart-wrenching accident. The faltering steps of the son at the end bring us in a complete circle to the beginning of the joys & anguishes of being a parent. This is first rate sensitive writing. Bravo!” - Roger Clark

"Psychosomatic" by Brendan McLeod
“…punchy, unpretentious and singular in its attempt to portray an ordinary, but meaningful, life experience.” - Colin Throness

Congratulations to Hilary and all of the other finalists! We wish them all good luck on Monday.

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We also want to thank you - the public - for taking the time to read all of the shortlisted stories and vote for your favourite. As a special thank you, we entered all of your names in a draw for this sleek and handy Canada Writes journal. Congratulations Christine Van-Tilborgh! You've got one coming to you in the mail.

Be sure to check back at 10 a.m. on Monday, July 23 to find our which of these four stories will win the Grand Prize.

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