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Page Turner Challenge: Picks

'Til Death Us Do Part by Karen Janigan

Paula Baker angled her sailboard slight downwind to skirt a ghostly white mass floating in the evening sunset in the middle of Mahone Bay. A sunken tender, she thought, as the wind died and abandoned her to inertia. 

When the bow of her board bounced off something that made the same sound as the dead Minke whale she had hit last year, her heart sank.”Let it be a seal,” she muttered, but she knew better. 

She dropped her sail, straddled the board, and grabbed the fabric to pull it closer. 

She didn’t want it to be a wedding gown, but the veil and silk peppered with crystals and seed pearls told her it was. Worse, the streaming red hair waving beneath the veil confirmed it was occupied. A blade sticking up through the back like a fin of a shark, quickened her breathing; the bride had likely met with foul play. 

Paula closed her eyes, mentally sheathing herself with her detective’s shield as she prepared to rotate the body and confirm what she had already surmised.

She didn’t expect the young Caucasian man’s bearded face, or the ornamented handle of a regimental sword protruding from his mouth. 

Curious, she cupped one side of the curvy bodice and squeezed: breast implants. This was not an actor. She could hear the squad room jokes, already. 

“You poor bastard,” she said, as she reached for her waterproof bag and her VHF radio, scanning the bay for Inshore Rescue.

Karen Janigan is from Mahone Bay, NS

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