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Page Turner Challenge: Picks

The Gift of Gold by Terrence Thomas

She'll be sorry.

Percy Marsden set the pistol down on the arm of the chair and poured another generous glass of Scotch, spilling some but not caring.  As he put the bottle back on the table, the shower upstairs shuddered off.  He looked up at the ceiling and imagined his wife's progress from the shower to her make-up table.

JoAnn turned heads, with or without make-up, with or without clothes, come to that, as too many men knew.  Percy drank and brooded about how long their marriage had been a sham.  Wouldn't matter in a while.

She'll be sorry.

Finally, after thirty minutes more of drinking and brooding, he heard her high heels on the stairs, and he put his glass down, picked up the pistol and focused on the doorway.  He gulped in several breaths and put the barrel of the pistol in his mouth.

She would stop, look in the room and gape as she figured out what he was about to do.  That would give her an image to mull over, something to go with the gift he was giving her and Daddy.

But she passed by in a blur -- dark hair, light blue sundress, tan leather shoulder bag -- and Percy sat, staring at the empty doorway, until the metal taste of the pistol registered and he gagged and pulled it out of his mouth.  His head dropped and he tried to spit out the taste.

When he looked up, JoAnn was back.

Terrence Thomas is from Ottawa, ON

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