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Page Turner Challenge: Picks

The Body in the Black Dress by Ruth Sutherland

You want me to what?

I couldn't believe what this guy was asking me to do.  But he did have the gun, after all.  I never realized how big a gun could be until I looked down the barrel of one. The guy was not pretty to look at and the thought of complying with his request was repugnant to me. He then smiled and motioned at me with the gun as if he meant business.

Alright, alright I grumbled.  But I'll have you know I usually get paid for doing this. I glared at him hoping it would make him rethink his request.

Realizing there was no way out, I started. Glancing up, I shuddered at the sight of my captor - head rolled back in ecstasy, eyes closed, a disjointed, off key humming emanated from him. 

Aye that's right, lassie he whispered. That's very good. 

I was afraid. And I was very tired.

But you know, he continued, You're not doing it like mother used to. I glanced up, disgusted.

“Aye - when she sang that song, she always missed the last verse and ended with the chorus - for effect.

Everyone's a critic I muttered. Look - I have been singing and playing my harp for you for the last three hours, and if I have to sing The Hills of Benachie once more, my fingers will fall off! I’m just a musician on tour. What do you want with me and why have I been kidnapped?”

Ruth Sutherland is from Hamilton, ON

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