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Susan Calder: Putting the reader at the scene

Never be on the outside looking in, says this Calgary crime writer.


"The key is to filter everything through your point of view character. Scenes portrayed by an objective, outside narrator place the reader outside looking in. Bring the reader into your character’s head and keep him there by infusing description, narration and action with your character's feelings and thoughts. This includes everything from drinking coffee to arguments and shoot-outs. What are your character/narrator’s emotions of the moment? What is he observing (and overlooking)? How is it impacting her now? A reader engaged in the character’s perspective is with him in the scene and will be swept into the character’s journey."

Susan Calder is a Calgary writer who grew up in Montreal. Her first novel, Deadly Fall, was released in 2011. Susan's short stories have won contests and appeared in magazines. She teaches writing workshops at the Alexandra Writers Centre and is working on her second novel. 

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