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Stephen Gaspar: Writing in the working day

Step one of great writing, according to this mystery scribe: punch in on time.

"The notion of writing regularly (almost every day) is nothing new. Most established writers will give this advice. It is, of course, advice I do not always follow myself. I try to approach writing in a very workman-like manner, or as Shakespeare wrote in Henry V: "We are but writers for the working-day." There is no excuse not to write. Do not wait for inspiration to descend from the heavens. If you find you cannot write your latest novel, then move on to a short story, write a blog, a poem, or rework you novel. Me, I’m writing this."

Stephen Gaspar is a high school teacher in Windsor, Ontario, where he has lived all his life. As an author Stephen Gaspar has combined his interest in history with his love of mystery/detective stories. His most recent book, To Know Evil, is a historical murder mystery set in the Middle Ages.

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