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Roy Innes: A deadline and a promise

This late-blooming crime writer has a two-part recipe to ban writer's block. Make that three if you've got access to a cold garrett.

"Starving in a cold garret makes for productive writing; comfortable retirement does not. There are too many time-wasting, warm, pleasant diversions—lingering over morning coffee, computer games, jawing with friends at the corner garage, delicious naps—all to avoid the brain-grinding effort needed to make that manuscript submission ready.

Nagging doesn’t work—wife, fans, oneself—inspiration which flags within minutes of the computer screen lighting up. But there is one technique that I guarantee will work: create a deadline—a serious deadline. Make a promise to someone significant; someone to whom breaking that promise will cause you extreme embarrassment."  

Roy Innes is a late bloomer in the crime writing field. His first novel, Murder in the Monashees, came out in 2005, the second, West End Murders, in 2008 and his latest, Murder in the Chilcotin, in 2010. He lives an idyllic retirement on Gabriola Island, B.C. with his wife and his daughter’s cat.

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