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Ross Pennie: The dynamic duo

The Szabo and Wakefield scribe on the enduring power of a memorable sidekick for your sleuth.

"Sherlock Holmes has Dr. Watson, Lynley has Havers, Elvis Cole has Joe Pike. I’m talking about the sidekick, the guy or gal whose role is to serve and protect the mercurial detective. As a writer, you can have fun with your sidekick. Make him super calm and organized in the face of his freewheeling boss. Or make her the eccentric one, saving the day with a hunch that comes from a weird hobby or quirky obsession. Long after the story’s puzzle is solved and the bad guys put away, readers will remember the tension and charm of your dynamic duo."

Inspired from an early age by Robert Louis Stevenson, Ross Pennie first honed his chops as a doctor and a writer in the South Pacific. Now a prof at McMaster University, Ross is the author of the Szabo and Wakefield medical mystery series, where murders masquerade as accidents and rampant epidemics in scenic Hamilton, Ontario. 

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