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Robin Spano: Excavating your novel

When her plot won't move forward, this B.C. mystery author just changes direction.

"When ideas are slow, slow down. It's fun when new material leaps from our brain onto the page. But when ideas won't flow, we have to honour that, too.

I've been wrestling with a new spy story. The plot won't budge. Since I can't push forward, I'm digging down: into characters' secrets. I'm feeling Paris in summer, the smog, the breeze through the trees. I'm walking—even sitting—instead of running through my manuscript. When the plot moves again, the story will be richer for this pause.

The creative process is cool—we only need to listen."

Robin Spano is the author of the Clare Vengel Undercover Novels, a fun, edgy series for a new generation of mystery fans. She grew up in Toronto and now lives in Lions Bay, BC, where she loves to explore her local surroundings via boat, snowboard, and motorcycle. Her most recent novel is Death Plays Poker. 

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