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Robert Rotenberg: Call the police--Part 2

The criminal lawyer and writer seconds advice by fellow crime scribe Sheila Kindellan-Sheehan: chat up the cops.

"I’ve been a criminal lawyer for twenty-two years, read countless police briefs and done hundreds of trials. Best of all, I have an extensive network of police officers and I spend hours picking their brains. 

But there’s no substitute for hard work. In my first book, Old City Hall, there’s a scene at the Fingerprint Bureau. I spent days there, and then countless hours with my contacts, as I wrote draft after draft to make sure I got every detail right.

My tip: Everyone likes to talk about their jobs. Cops are very approachable. Be professional and listen hard."

Robert Rotenberg is a criminal lawyer in Toronto, and the author of three best-selling novels, Old City Hall, The Guilty Plea, and his most recent, Stray Bullets (released May 1, 2012). His first two novels have been translated into nine languages and sold around the world. 

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