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Linda Wiken: The wow factor

When it comes to penning crime fiction that will hook a reader, don't save the best for last.

"I love reading a book that gets you straight into the action. A body. A sleuth. Both in the first paragraph. However, it needn't be so. Only if that's an indicator of  what the reader can expect on the following pages. The 'get-go' should be a signal to the reader about style and writing voice, along with a hint of some of the elements—setting, character, nature of the crime, etc. This is your first and best shot at hooking the reader. Get their attention! Make it count."

Former owner of Prime Crime Books in Ottawa, Linda Wiken’s first mystery novel, writing as Erika Chase, A Killer Read, debuted in April 2012. Her short stories appeared in the seven Ladies’ Killing Circle anthologies, and magazines, and she’s been short-listed for an Arthur Ellis Award.

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