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Linda Kupecek: The power of the sidekick

For this Calgary crime writer, sleuths are all well and good, but sidekicks can be where you have the most fun. 

"We all need friends: people who are loyal, funny, and ready for action. Sleuths find friends especially useful. The protagonist has somebody who will listen to fears (we might get killed), hopes (maybe we won't get killed), dreams (is there a reward, like maybe a cruise, for catching the murderer?), and kvetches. In Deadly Dues, I gave Lulu lots of sidekicks: her big fat sheepdog Horatio (who was inconveniently kidnapped early in the plot) her agent Mitzi, and a pile of pals with conflicting personalities. You can give sidekicks all the outrageous qualities that your protagonist is much too sensible and clever to exhibit."

Linda Kupecek lives in Calgary. She is the author of Deadly Dues, the debut novel in the lighthearted Lulu Malone mystery series. Linda is also a screenwriter, playwright and actor. She has often appeared on CBC radio and television as a freelancer on arts and lifestyle. 

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