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John Moss: Write where you know

According to this Toronto crime writer, armchair travel and whodunits don't always mix.

"Crime writers tend not to be criminals, even of the armchair variety. They like to travel in imagination to strange and mysterious realms of human experience where murder is intriguing and evil is never banal. When they write about places they’ve actually been, so much the better, providing these places are not merely settings but convincing, authentic, and integral to the plot. Exotic destinations, whether Easter Island or Baffin Island, never work for their own sake. We are not travel writers. Our instincts are to go for the jugular, not sunscreen or insect repellent, Baedeker or Frommer."

John Moss writes mysteries based in a version of Toronto that is both rooted in Canada and inseparable from the larger world. His most recent novel, Reluctant Dead, explores ominous connections from the South Pacific to the Canadian Arctic, all from a Toronto perspective.  

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