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Page Turner Challenge: Picks

Home Sweet Home by Elisa McRae

Officer Galos pulled into the driveway. He didn’t bother putting the park brake on. The dispatcher had been wrong. His house hadn’t been broken into, as she’d reported. This wasn’t a break-in. It couldn’t be called a break-in when the door had been literally removed from its hinges and placed against the wall like some sort of weekend honey-do project his wife had contrived for him to spend time on instead of constantly checking his text messages from his new female partner. 

So this had triggered the alarm? He considered pulling his sidearm but rested his hand on the holster instead- better to keep it away in case the kid was home early and had caused this mischief. It wasn’t far-fetched. Kaiden had been suspended three weeks earlier for dicking around in his wood shop class. Taking the door down could have been some sort of misguided teenage declaration of independence. 

“Anyone home?” Galos called. No answer. Not even the dog barked. Noticing that, his hand went instinctively back for the gun. He shook his head, convinced he was getting paranoid in his old age. His hand stayed on the holster. 

He called the dog again. “Farley! Farley!” 


He reached the kitchen and saw that the back door was gone too. Probably, Farley had run away, hopped the fence again. 

Galos stepped out onto the deck into a pool of blood he hadn’t noticed because his gaze was fixed on Farley’s dead body. And Farley’s missing head.

Elisa McRae is from Mission, BC

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