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Page Turner Challenge: Picks

Halloween Taxi Ride by Barbara Baker

"How much further?” I question the driver. “We should be there by now.” 

“Soon,” his leather finger pokes my thigh. He laughs. 

I jerk my legs over to the door; press my palms into my jeans. No lights blink in the dusk. Tall tree ghosts edge the rural highway. Wish I’d checked a map, knew where the hell I was going. Why did I tell him so much? Now he knows. I glance back at my easels and sheaf’s of paper, the case of wine. 

I can feel his right eye on me.  

Black clouds dominate the sky.  Fifth sense. Sixth? How many do we have? Which one makes my neck hairs prickle against my collar?  

“How far?”  

“Relax,” his now perverse tone stiffens my back. 

“I want to know. They’re expecting me.”  

“Thought you were getting there early?”  

“Yeah, but they know I’m coming. They’ll be waiting,” I use my authoritative teacher voice. 
He does a high speed left turn. My shoulder knocks into his. My right hand grabs the door handle in a death grip. 

“Taking a short cut. Get you there faster,” his head bobs as we thunk over gravel.  

With scrunched eyes I stare through the smeared windshield. 


“Get back to the highway.” I glare at the side of his head and hope he doesn’t hear scared-shitless in my voice. 

The car screeches to a stop.  

My hands fly to the dash. Seatbelt squishes my gut. 

“What the hell are you doing?” I scream.

Barbara Baker is from Calgary, AB

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