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Page Turner Challenge: Picks

Dye Her In Red by Heidi Joffe

At seven am, only a few students prowled around Ribauld University campus, and as one of them, Anita felt studiously determined to finish her project before the weekend. So far it had been a series of missteps: the dye was mislabeled, her print went missing, the third this year and after she threw together a screen, it mysteriously over-processed. At least she had a fabulous antique roller print that she had found in a garage sale.  After testing it at home on some muslin scraps, she felt ready to tackle her four yards of organza.  The rain beat down, merciless in it’s dreary cold presence and she felt her chest tighten as she keyed in the code for the door-she didn’t look forward to anyone else being here, not after Lisa’s vile critique yesterday.  She herself had cried afterwards and it went relatively smoothly compared to the pain of her classmates.  Jessica looked demolished after Lisa vented on her colour choice and as for Claire, well, some would call it bullying or even abuse.  The whole emotion of the class had escalated and she knew that no matter what she produced today, some blight would fall on it.  She shook herself to rid her mind of   bitterness and resolved to make something that she loved regardless of Lisa’s caustic tongue.

Heidi Joffe is from West Vancouver, BC

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