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D.J. McIntosh: How to get published

The author of one of Amazon.ca's top mystery picks gives her advice on how to rise above the slush pile.

"A highly regarded  literary agent once told me that many well written manuscript submissions cross his desk but it’s those with a unique premise that really get his attention. Slush piles brim with tired themes  - serial killers, for example, are a dime a dozen. So that topic has had its day - right? Set the manhunt in the middle of the worst hurricane to hit the U.S. east coast in decades, as one new Canadian crime writer has recently done, and you’ve given readers a whole new look at the subject. It’s worth spending the time to craft an irresistible premise."

D.J. McIntosh's debut novel, The Witch of Babylon, sold in twenty countries around the world and is in Amazon.ca's list of the top five mystery/thrillers of 2011. A member of the Canadian Society for Mesopotamian Studies, she is a strong supporter of Pen Canada, The Committee to Protect Journalists and Reporters Without Borders. 

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