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Page Turner Challenge: Picks

Decontamination by Jack Ruttan

Decon Tech William Gibbs blanched at the scene inside the tenement front door. 

A drug deal gone bad, both sides down shooting. The TV was playing some random sports channel. Snack dishes were overturned, bloody hands stilled in the act of reaching. Those hands would never dip another chip or crack open another beer. 

Up to Gibbs to put it all to rights once the detectives had finished, bodies carted away. It didn't even matter who were the perpetrators, and who were merely victims. Impossible to sort out amidst all this blood. 

Gibbs snapped off the TV with the gory remote. Didn't they pick up around here? His naturally tidy soul was offended by the general sloppiness, and that wasn't even counting the blood and organs liberally scattered. His mind immediately went to thoughts of the amount of time and manpower needed to make a space like this presentable again. 

Then there was the matter of renovations. Some good wood underneath ghastly apple green paint (now decorated with brains), but it would take a painting crew a solid day to peel it off and stain it. 

Still, Bill thought it could make a cozy pied a terre as long as you didn't think of what had just happened inside. Wheels started moving in his part-time Real Estate Broker's mind, and he would have to do a little digging if he was going to be able to find the owner of this place and put it on the market.

Jack Ruttan is from Montreal, QC

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