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Page Turner Challenge: Picks

Crimes Seen by Kevin Thornton

“The Problem with blood is that it sticks to your skin,” said Jonathan, in between the screams of the electric saw.  Leila glanced down at her naked body, and then across the room to where their clothes lay, piled on a small table, away from the red spray. 

“It’s all very well washing it off in the first ten seconds,” he continued,” but if you let it set you’ll have the very devil of a time getting it off. Once we’re finished we’ll have to help each other; make sure we get it all off.”

This was not a normal day. 

It had started with the coffee machine dripping all over the counter. Then there was the perfectly hideous accident that wasn’t really her fault. And now, she thought? Now she had moved onto taking off her clothes in front of her neighbour and helping him cut his wife into little pieces. 

No, it was definitely not a normal day.

“I’ll be able to clean myself, I’m sure,” she said. She was starting to dislike Jonathan.

He put the saw down and picked up a bucket.”Shouldn’t be long now,” he said.”We’ll take her through to the carnivores and with any luck Jessica will be Tiger poop in about eight hours. He started to slop the remains into the container and then, when he noticed he wasn’t getting any help, turned to look.

“Jessica?” said Leila.”You told me your wife’s name was Mandy.”

Kevin Thornton is from Fort McMurray, AB

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