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Page Turner Challenge: Picks

Copper and Diamonds by Joanne Coish

I was too late. Blood spread over the floors and ceiling like paint, but in a colour and odour that no one would deliberately choose. Copper, always copper along with that new penny smell with just a hint of the horror that was to come. I wasn’t always too late. Sometimes the visions came early and with enough clarity that I could determine who and when. Sometimes they just weren’t that clear and when I arrived I would find it waiting for me. This one had been vicious and although I didn’t see the body yet, the splatter ensured that this person was no more. I moved into the bedroom, following the blood and the smell. Horror was certainly one word for it. There on the floor was what remained of her. It was clear that this had been no robbery. The jewels dripping from wrist and ears were worth thousands, no burglar worth the title would have left them behind. Too bad, at least money was a reason.  A crappy reason to die, but a reason all the same. Without the obvious motive of money I would need to look further, a lot further. The starting place would be who she was, and why she was here in this dive. It was not exactly the place you would expect to find a woman dripping with diamonds, and they were real all right. Nothing sparkles quite like the real thing, no matter what they try to sell you.

Joanne Coish is from St. John's, NL

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