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Barbara Fradkin: Creating an engaging series character

The writer who's spent eight books in the company of hot-headed Inspector Michael Green on getting inside your series sleuth.

"Create a real person you can care about. Forget the spunky females and angst-ridden guys with the artificial quirks and flaws. Dig inside yourself. Create a character you can know well, in a setting and job you can describe from the inside. Surround him with family, friends, co-workers—the pressures, emotions and yearnings of a real life. Let her grow, let him struggle, let people care about whether she succeeds or fails. A mystery sleuth should be intelligent, insightful, courageous and empathic, but the flaws, and the humanity, emerge in those moments when he falls on his face. And gets up again." 

Barbara Fradkin writes the award-winning series featuring impetuous, exasperating Ottawa Police Inspector Michael Green, whose passion for justice and love of the hunt often interfere with family, friends and police protocol. A second series of Rapid Reads novels stars the penniless country handyman Cedric O’Toole.

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