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Page Turner Challenge: Picks

A Murder in Many Parts by Tina Wayland

Hands in the glove compartment. An ear in the tape deck. Bowls dangling from the gas tank.

More metaphor than murder, Detective Grey thought. This case was going to be less about piecing the clues together than uncovering clues to where the pieces are. 

“The trunk?” Corban asked, impatient. The team was wound too tight, almost giddy. The package had arrived that morning. A head in a hatbox, its eyes plucked out. Driver’s license in one socket. A brainteaser for you, Detective. They found the car on Peabody Street. A nose dangled from the air freshener, held by a silver piercing.

A car with a lot of spare parts. 

Grey reached under the seat, popped the trunk. In the rearview mirror, he could see the rookie stifle a burp. The rest laughed. He got up to look for himself. 

Two half moons of hairy flesh, perfectly sliced. A butt in the boot. Grey could hear them, far away. Their police puns more protective than their vests. A tush in the trunk. A bum in the rear!

It was grotesque poetry, a story with body parts for words. Give me blood and guts, he thought. Give me a week-old find. Give me what the other guys won’t go in to see. 

Just not another treasure hunt. Not another game of dead-man cat-and-mouse.

Because last time the game ended badly. He didn’t just lose. He lost it.

He lost everything.

Tina Wayland is from Montreal, QC

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