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Where I write: Susan Glickman (photo gallery)

For National Poetry Month, we're looking at the inspiration that Canadian poets glean from their workspaces. First up: award-winning poet Susan Glickman and the item that makes up for chocolate... well, almost.

Photo credits: Lorne Bridgman

Where I write

I’ve written on a variety of surfaces during my 59 years, from the dainty French Provincial secrétaire inherited from my great-grandmother, through the huge oak desk that loomed—as though defying me to justify my presence—in my room at Oxford University, through the Formica kitchen table that came with my first Toronto apartment and working-girl status, to the current site of my labours: a solid slab door, painted white under its rings of coffee stains, in an alcove of my third-floor office. My husband Toan made this desk for me because I like as much space as possible to spread out on.

All summer the attic window opens onto a tree full of squirrels but in the winter it is so encrusted with frost I can’t see out. Like the door I write on, my window leads nowhere but into my imagination. So I have a row of totems across the window ledge to inspire me.

Check out the photo gallery above to learn more about Susan's objects of inspiration. 

Susan Glickman is the author of six highly regarded poetry collections, the latest of which is The Smooth Yarrow. Her critical study, The Picturesque and the Sublime: Poetics of the Canadian Landscape, won both the Gabrielle Roy Prize and the Raymond Klibansky Prize.Her second novel, The Tale-Teller, is coming out in September 2012. She lives in Toronto.

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