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Where I write: Jenny Sampirisi

In honour of National Poetry Month, we're taking a look at where Toronto poet Jenny Sampirisi puts words to page every day, and the poem she always reads before she starts.

Where I write

My writing space is a combination of my living room and in a way, my kitchen. I wake up in the morning, make my coffee and read a poem I’ve had on the wall for years. This poem starts my thinking around writing and, in many ways, defuses the anxiety of writing. I move into the living room where I have my desk, a table, and most of my favourite books. Some days I sit on the tiny couch, some days at the table, some days I invite several writer-friends over to have a “writing party” around the table too. I’ve filled the space with objects that stimulate my writing process. 

Check out the photo gallery above to learn more about Jenny's objects of inspiration. 

Jenny Sampirisi is the author of two books: a novel, is/was, and a collection of dramatic poetry titled Croak. She is the winner of the 2011 KM Hunter Artist Award for Literature. Jenny works at Ryerson University where she teaches English literature and creative writing, at BookThug as an editor, and is the co-founder of the Toronto New School of Writing.

Photo credits: Lorne Bridgman

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