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April Fool's Apology Challenge

22 Minutes writers on "the best prank I ever pulled"

We thought we'd get some pranking dirt from the devious comedic minds at the CBC's flagship sketch comedy show, This Hour Has 22 Minutes.

"What's the best prank you ever pulled?"

Mark Critch 

David Kerr 
A friend of mine was house-sitting, so I went over there and crept in the back door. Then I took a phone off the hook and made a very faint noise. Then I murdered him. Hilarious. 

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Jennifer Goodhue 
When I was ten and my brother was five, I picked up a transfer and put my brother on a local city bus. I told my mom what I did and at first she was angry but I think eventually she saw the humour. Still... I miss him.

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Albert Howell
When I convinced a woman I was an amazing lover. You should have seen the look on her face after. 

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Mike Allison 
I'm not a prankster, but this great prank was pulled on me once: After spending Thanksgiving at my parents' place I returned to my university residence to discover my whole room was coated in a thin layer of baby powder. When I walked into the room I thought I'd lost the ability to see colour -- it was all grey. What some kids in my hall had done was: rolled up a piece of paper and then let it unroll to make a ski jump shape; slipped the ski jump under my door, put the baby powder on it and used a hair dryer to disperse the powder throughout the room. My computer survived, but I smelled like a girl for the rest of the year.

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Bob Kerr 
On the day that the Rapture was supposed to happen, I visited my religious relatives. I would excuse myself to the kitchen where I would take off my clothes, leave them in a pile and drive away. I haven’t spoken to them since. They’re probably wondering why God chose their atheist relative. 

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Rupinder Gill 
Last year my husband Ryan Gosling and I were vacationing in the Maldives. We were sitting on the beach and he remarked something about how my muscle tone was superior to his and I yelled out "Look, a dolphin!". He glanced over at the ocean and then I yelled "psyche!" and laughed. Later, I realized I couldn't respect a man so easily and deeply fooled so I divorced him and we never spoke of the marriage again. Though to give him credit, Ryan Gosling has pulled a great prank on me in the form of a restraining order. 

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