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Writing Tips

Poetry Month writing tip: Roo Borson

Our latest nugget of poetic wisdom: Roo Borson on the importance of keeping an eye out for those fleeting flashes of meaning.

"In writing, as in reading, it’s good to set out with a sense of adventure and an eye for detail. Poetry especially delights in capturing in its net those brief flashes of wit or love that might otherwise pass unseen, keeping them to glint like fireflies in a jar."

Roo Borson has published ten previous books of poems, most recently
Rain, road, an open boat. This book was preceded by the multi-award-winning Short Journey Upriver Toward Oishida. She has also won awards for her essays. With Kim Maltman and Andy Patton, she is a member of the collaborative poetry group Pain Not Bread, whose first book, Introduction to the Introduction to Wang Wei, was published in 2000. She lives in Toronto.

Photo credit: Steve Schwartz

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