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22 Minutes Twitter Challenge

April Fool's Apology Challenge: And the winner is...

Funnyman Mark Critch and his phalanx of This Hour Has 22 Minutes writers scoured through over 1,000 witty, weird and wonderful tweets to find the best April Fool's Apology. And the winner is...
Here's what our judge, 22 Minutes host Mark Critch, had to say about his choice: 

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"I loved the image the winning tweet put in my head. I could see someone, hands spinning through tuna, in a Tim's."

Freely Released, the for that indelible mental image. Congratulations—you've won an iPod Touch!

(And yes, for those of you who remember judge Tabatha Southey's choice for our last national Twitter Challenge—we do see the irony. It's another Tim Horton's tweet! Though to be fair, THIS winning tweet focuses on a lunch menu item.) 

And the runners-up are...

Based on originality, hilarity and weirdness, Mark also granted the following five tweeters bragging rights and coveted 22 Minutes T-Shirts as our runners-up for this challenge:

Congratulations on your passive-aggressive apology skills, Canadians! And thanks to the great gang at 22 Minutes for their comedic gems along the way.

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