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22 Minutes Twitter Challenge

April Fool's Apology All-Stars: Part 5, "Weird family"

The grand prize winner will be announced later today—but until then, here's the final instalment of the All-Stars as chosen by the 22 Minutes writers. Today: family tweets so weird, they got their very own category!

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Sabres98  @Sabres98
I, uh, sorry gramps, Tommy Hunter ISN'T back on Friday nights

Jason Lee Norman  @bellyofawhale
Sorry I told you that Twitter was a great way to get your comedy career off the ground Uncle Steve.

Mike MacMullin  @macmullinRadio
sorry I taped over your wedding video with the first season of Dragonball Z

Lamya  @lamyaasiff
I'm sorry for the last 15 April Fools Days when we told you you could probably make it in the #NHL. 

Dawn Mockler  @dawnymock
Sorry Mom, it was mean to tell you the Delta called and wanted their shampoo and shower cap back!

Selina Jane  @selinajane
Okay so leaving the "Help! I hate my in laws" book in the bathroom yesterday while your parents were here, a bit mean. I admit.

Robert Hatch  @RobertGHatch
April isn’t pregnant with my child, and will still babysit for us.

Congratulations to all of the All-Stars! Read part 4 here, and stay tuned for our big announcement of the grand prize winner right here on Canada Writes on Tuesday afternoon.

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