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22 Minutes Twitter Challenge

April Fool's Apology All-Stars: Part 4, "Crazy politics" and "Poor kids"

The grand prize winner will be announced on Tuesday, April 10—but until then, we're rolling out the All-Stars as chosen by the 22 Minutes writers. Today: top tweets in the "Crazy politics" and "Poor kids" categories.

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Dominique Millette  @grokerati
Hi. This is Bob Rae. My apologies to the Liberal Party. I never thought you'd fall for it. 

Michelle Mainwaring  @LuvLaffen
Dear 'Sun News' I'm sorry you thought your were a valid source of news, that was an April Fools article I wrote about you 

kristy  @_sojournalist
You've been waiting 8 years to hear about immigration? Well we torched the backlog. U get the 100 bucks back! We cool right?

Brian Nemett  @bnemett
Sorry Rob Ford, but the new show we invited you to be a guest on; "Biggest Loser 2012" is 'Not' about weight-loss. #canadawrites

Adrian Budhram  @AdrianBudhram
Sorry for writing a letter to Flaherty endorsing the CBC cuts. Don't worry though, I signed it, 'Sincerely, Jean Poutine'. 

Brian Nemett  @bnemett
Dear Obama, AprilFool's. C'mon, Mitt? Newt? We will soon be announcing the real candidates to run against you in the fall.


Lucas Maxwell  @awkwardhandluke
Your mother's right sweetheart, I shouldn't have told you the recession had turned My Little Pony into My Little Glue Factory.

j louise  @jaidspur
Sorry about that "over the course of a decade alienating you from your friends, family and pets" prank.

Spencer Calbeck  @S_Calbeck
I'm sorry I got that orphan's hopes up. I thought telling him I'd adopt him would be a good joke! 

Ali Bryan  @AliBryan
Sorry you thought it was your birthday yesterday. You can turn five some other time. 

Jen Routledge  @TheJenRoutledge
I'm sorry I compared your baby to an alien. I thought you knew, lol. That wasn't funny - sorry 

Dominique Millette  @grokerati
This is WestJet apologizing for the kid-free cabin ad. Of course we wouldn't lump kids in with luggage. They get parachutes.

PickySeeksNotPicky  @seeksNotpicky
Sorry I told you it was a long weekend. Didn't know the custody hearing was today. I bet sleeping in felt nice though-- right?

Congratulations to all of today's All-Stars! Read part 3 here, and stay tuned for Monday's instalment: the "Weird family" category.

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