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22 Minutes Twitter Challenge

April Fool's Apology All-Stars: Part 3, "Failed science" and "Gross"

The grand prize winner will be announced next Tuesday, April 10—but until then, we're rolling out the All-Stars as chosen by the 22 Minutes writers. Today: top tweets in the "failed science" and "gross" categories (though that last category, in all fairness, could be renamed the "compost and Michael Bublé" category).

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C Doyle  @chrisannad
Stronium has a half-life of 28.90 years. On the upside, you won't need a nightlight for a while! 

Joan Sears  @yumyum614
Sorry I put the black ink in your windshield wash. And when you get out of this coma I'll treat you to a coffee.

Patti Murphy  @patti_exhale
OK. The bad news: The gun was loaded. But the good news: I'm a universal donor. Type O, baby! We good? 

Ali Bryan  @AliBryan
On the bright side you can have a cool nickname, like Cyclops.

Jason Lee Norman  @bellyofawhale
I'm sorry I told you that cilantro was just Italian marijuana. I hope your lungs feel better soon. 

Dawn Mockler  @dawnymock
Sorry I told u you were bumped to the top of the organ donor list


Deborah Gillund  @DebbieGillund
I promise, no more chocolate-covered compost. 

Brian Nemett  @bnemett
Michael Buble we were kidding! Did you actually think we would give u a #Juno for album of the year for a Xmas recording? 

Congratulations to all of today's All-Stars! Read part 2 here, and stay tuned for tomorrow's instalment: the "Crazy politics" and "Poor kids" categories.

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