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22 Minutes Twitter Challenge

April Fool's Apology All-Stars: Part 2, "Romance" and "Critters"

The grand prize winner will be announced next Tuesday, April 10—but until then, we're rolling out the All-Stars as chosen by the 22 Minutes writers. Today: top tweets in the "Romance" and "Critters" categories!

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anastacia hopkins  @anasuhop
@22_minutes I'm sorry I thought your proposal was a joke, and that the ring was from the Dollarama...

sean smith  @terrapharma
Sorry about April fools yesterday, who could know 1 joke STD email would wreck 5 years sobriety. 

Pitch and Spin  @Pitchandspin
I was sure you said "shellfish in the bedroom". I know, I know, allergies aren't funny.

Deborah Gillund  @DebbieGillund
I'm sorry I named the baby without you. But don't you think Chlamydia is a beautiful name? 

Book_Knerd©  @MK4aB
Playing "I (Just) Died In Your Arms Tonight" and then faking a heart attack while we made out wasn't my best idea. 

Marjorie Malpass  @MissMalpass
I'm sorry, I misspelled the card, I got you a Groupon. We are not getting our Grope-on. 


Jeff Ballin  @jeffballin
I'm really sorry about the bacon bits in your car vents—the smell should go away after the mice eat them... 

laurie petrou  @lauriepetrou
Sorry about the red ants. How was I to know they'd be so organized?

Mike Spry  @mdspry
You're right, I shouldn't have used gasoline. But, in all seriousness, the world isn't experiencing a dog shortage. 

Congratulations to all of today's All-Stars! Read part 1 here, and stay tuned for tomorrow's instalment: the "Failed science" and "Gross" categories.

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