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22 Minutes Twitter Challenge

April Fool's Apology All-Stars: Part 1, "Just trying to help"

The grand prize winner will be announced next Tuesday, April 10—but until then, we'll be rolling out the All-Stars as chosen by the 22 Minutes writers. Today: a dizzying array of passive-aggressive apology tweets!

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sean gallagher  @gallaghers
...5 years? okay i am sorry, but you are supposed to check your luggage before you take it through security. 

Jason Lee Norman  @bellyofawhale
Sorry I told you that the New York times called your novel "unputdownable" when they actually called it "unreadable".

Adrian Budhram  @AdrianBudhram
When I said I had cheap floor seats to Coldplay, I meant the floor in front of my television. Sorry, I just spent your $100. 

Mike MacMullin  @macmullinRadio 
I'm sorry I told you your hair looked stupid and to cut it off. It looks stupid now.

Lyndsay Cowan  @LyndsayCowan
I'm sorry for everyone who bought a tshirt during the Charlie Sheen "winning" phase... burn it.

Christos Tsirbas  @seetsirbas
I'm sorry for replacing your entire iTunes library with Nickelback.

Deborah Gillund  @DebbieGillund
I should never have told you the neighbour's garage was a Tim Horton's drive-thru. Or let you drive without your glasses.

Johnathon Earle  @JohnathonEarle
sorry for letting the air out of your tires. I thought you were due next month. 

Deborah Gillund  @DebbieGillund
Dear Facebook, I'm sorry I abandoned you today to participate in the Twitter challenge ~ you know she means nothing to me. XOX

Freely Released  @FreelyReleased
Yeah, okay. There's no Tim Horton's 'Dig Through the Tuna Salad in Your Sandwich to Win' Contest. But you gave it your all.

Andrea Bowes @AndreaBowes
Sorry I threw that mannequin into your pool. Someday we'll look back on this and laugh. 

James Putnam  @JamesPutnam
Baby powder in your hairdryer was cruel at 6am, but with all those grey hairs I'm sure no one noticed. Sorry sweetums :) 

Congratulations to today's All-Stars! Stay tuned for our next All-Stars installment tomorrow, in the "Romance" and "Critters" categories.

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