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22 Minutes Twitter Challenge

April Fool's Apology Twitter Challenge today!

Watch a video from This Hour Has 22 Minutes' Mark Critch announcing the big theme of our national Twitter Challenge, which runs today from 10 am ET to 10 pm ET.

"Sorry for Saran-wrapping your car while you were parallel-parking." #canadawrites

"That blow-up doll wasn't actually my grandmother." #canadawrites 

As far as Canada Writes and 22 Minutes are concerned, April Fool's Day may have been yesterday—but the apologies start today. 

Take the April Fool's Apology Twitter Challenge, starting today at 10 am ET. Write your best apology for a real or imagined April Fool's Day prank with the hashtag #canadawrites. 

The 22 Minutes comedy team will be reading your tweets all day and you could win great prizes, including an iPod Touch! The challenge closes today (April 2) at 10 pm ET.

Here's our celebrity judge, This Hour Has 22 Minutes host Mark Critch, with more details:

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