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22 Minutes Twitter Challenge

Meet the 22 Minutes writers: Rupinder Gill

To prep for next Monday's Twitter Challenge, we're asking the 22 Minutes writers about their favourite sketches. Rupinder Gill's involves Cathy Jones and a muumuu.

Tell us about yourself. 
I'm in my very very late 20s. I like eating, reading, watching television and realizing I should stop doing all three at once.

How did you get into comedy writing? 
I submitted a package and someone gave me a shot. I have done nothing but let him down since that point.  

When did you first know you could be really funny?
I'm still waiting for this fact to be confirmed.  

Canadian Tire or Home Hardware? 
Whichever is most encouraging of customers who choose to shop while wearing pajama jeans.

Dutchie or Maple Dip? 
Family pack of Timbits, for one.

When you write a joke, how do you know you've nailed it? 
When someone yells out "Hey Rupinder, you nailed that!"

Any advice for people taking part in our upcoming Twitter challenge? 
Do not ever listen to advice given to you by comedy writers.

What's your favourite sketch that you've written for 22 Minutes so far and why?
"Gertie's Secret" [see below], co-written with my fellow writer Jennifer Goodhue [who we'll be meeting later this week on Canada Writes]. How many women are wearing beautiful underwear and a pair of wings under their smart separates from Talbots? Wake up, fashion industry!
The Canada Writes/22 Minutes Twitter Challenge is being held on Monday, April 2. Stay tuned to Canada Writes for more tantalizing details! 
Read our Q&A with 22 Minutes head writer Albert Howell (and watch a clip featuring a murderous snowman).


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