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22 Minutes Twitter Challenge

Meet the 22 Minutes writers: Jennifer Goodhue

 To prep for our Twitter Challenge on Monday, we're getting inside the comedic minds of This Hour Has 22 Minutes. Jennifer is obsessed with fun new uses for Auto-Tune.

Jennifer Goodhue.jpeg
Tell us about yourself.
I was raised in Ottawa, have won three Canadian comedy awards and am an alumni of Second City. Oh and a HUGE liar.
How did you get into comedy writing?
See above.
When did you first know you could be really funny?
I just asked Bob Kerr. He winked at me and said "You got chops, Kid." I'm not sure if he was talking about my talent or the unusual amount of hair growing near my jawbone. 

Canadian Tire or Home Hardware?
When this job ends I will be applying to both of them.
Dutchie or Maple Dip?
Maple Dip.
When you write a joke, how do you know you've nailed it?
That's disgusting. I would never have sex with a joke.
What's your favourite skit that you've written for 22 Minutes so far and why?
"Auto-Trache," which I wrote with Susan Kent. [Scroll to the 11:00 mark below.] I'm obsessed with Auto-Tune and I don't know how the music industry will ever top that. That's why I think they should just stop making music and shut down the record industry—end on a high note!

The Canada Writes/22 Minutes Twitter Challenge is being held on Monday, April 2. Stay tuned to Canada Writes for more tantalizing details!
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