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22 Minutes Twitter Challenge

Meet the 22 Minutes writers: David Kerr

To prep for our looming Twitter Challenge, we're getting inside the comedic minds of This Hour Has 22 Minutes. Watch David Kerr's favourite sketch and see why it involved researching the size of the human bladder.
Tell us about yourself.
I'm 24 years old, I enjoy poetry, push ups, and heart surgery. I am also a compulsive liar.
How did you get into comedy writing?
I was very fat as a child. Consequently I was a disastrous hockey player and woefully unpopular. This left me a lot of time to watch comedy and learn some stuff, maybe.
When did you first know you could be really funny?
On the bus in grade 6.

Canadian Tire or Home Hardware?
I love going to Canadian Tire, despite the whole sadness thing.
Dutchie or Maple Dip?
Neither. I am a dandy and so enjoy the French Crueller.

When you write a joke, how do you know you've nailed it?
You don't.
Any advice for people taking part in our upcoming Twitter challenge?
Destroy your enemies completely.

What's your favourite sketch that you've written for 22 Minutes so far and why? 
It's called "Tim Horton's Extra-Extra Large." Tim Horton's changed all their sizes to make them bigger, so that small is the old medium, and large is the old extra large. The newspapers were running a lot of stories on how other chains like Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts sell giant coffees that are way bigger than a human bladder. I wrote a parody of the whole situation where Tim's comes out with a coffee that is the exact size of a beer keg. I actually had to research how much urine a human bladder can hold on average and then calculate how many full bladders you can fill with a keg of coffee. They had to make a Tim Horton's cup the size of a garbage can, which we still use in the studio. The giant can was shot with a rifle twice during a road piece on the gun registry. It's kind of cool to see where the bullets entered the can on one side and left out the other. It's very cool.

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Canada Writes/22 Minutes Twitter Challenge is being held on Monday, April 2. Stay tuned to Canada Writes for more tantalizing details!
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