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22 Minutes Twitter Challenge

Meet the 22 Minutes writers: Bob Kerr

To prep for next Monday's Twitter Challenge, we're asking the 22 Minutes writers about their favourite sketches. Bob's involves yurts and a really high-waisted Shaun Majumder.

Tell us about yourself.
My name is Bob. I’m somewhere between 18 and 35 years of age. That’s all I know. 
How did you get into comedy writing?
I got into it when TV execs begged me to write for them. I remember saying: “Okay, but just this once.” But I stuck around. I’m a nice guy that way.
When did you first know you could be really funny?
When I first had thoughts. 

Canadian Tire or Home Hardware?
Canadian Tire. (Fellow 22 writer Rupinder Gill assisted me with this answer.) 
Dutchie or Maple Dip?
I dunno. Which one do they sell at Canadian Tire? (Fellow 22 writer Rupinder Gill also assisted me with this answer.)

When you write a joke, how do you know you've nailed it?
When I put my name on it.
Any advice for people taking part in our upcoming Twitter challenge?
Don’t steal my ideas.

What's your favourite sketch that you've written for 22 Minutes so far and why? 
I wrote a sketch called “Burt and Gert’s Yurt Desert” which was in response to yurts being popularized by the Occupy Movement. I liked rhyming things with the ‘urt’ sound because ‘urt’ words are already hilarious. It was also one of the easiest sketches I wrote and I was able to give a shout-out to Reece’s Corners, which is near Wyoming, Ontario, where I grew up. And that always warms me.
The Canada Writes/22 Minutes Twitter Challenge is being held on Monday, April 2. Stay tuned to Canada Writes for more tantalizing details!
Read our Q&As with fellow 22 Minutes writers Albert Howell and Rupinder Gill (and watch their favourite sketches, too).  

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