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22 Minutes Twitter Challenge

Meet the 22 Minutes writers: Albert Howell

To get into the comedic spirit for the upcoming Canada Writes/This Hour Has 22 Minutes Twitter Challenge on Monday, April 2, we'll be introducing you to the show's talented writing crew all this week. First up: head scribe and sketch master Albert Howell.

Tell us about yourself.
I grew up in Calgary, Alberta, and spent a lot of time on a farm west of Calgary. I ski and used to downhill race when I was a teenager. I can horseback ride, fire a gun and drive a tractor. I love eating breakfast in diners.

How did you get into comedy writing?
I was planning to go to law school when I decided I would rather be an improviser. I joined the Loose Moose Theatre Company and after three years I joined The Second City theater in Toronto.

When did you first know you could be really funny? 
In grade 7 I ran for treasurer I gave a speech and everybody laughed and I pretended that I meant it to be funny.

Canadian Tire or Home Hardware?
Canadian Tire when I want a tool I will use only once, Home Hardware for a tool I will never use, i.e. the flashlight/screwdriver!

Dutchie or Maple Dip?
Maple Dip. Leave the Dutchie for the Dutch.

When you write a joke, how do you know you've nailed it?
When the joke is easy to write. If it flows organically then it's a good joke.

What's your favourite sketch that you've written for 22 Minutes so far?
This season, it would have to be "The Clauses" because we had Republic of Doyle star Allan Hawco guest as Claus—not to mention the skit's production values. 

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I also liked my copyright sketch and Awkward Segue

The Canada Writes/22 Minutes Twitter Challenge is being held on Monday, April 2. Stay tuned to Canada Writes for more tantalizing details! 

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