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The Breakup Tweet Challenge is on!

Celebrity judge @TabathaSouthey is standing by for your best Breakup Tweet (using the hashtag #canadawrites). The prize? Nothing says "it's over" like an iPad 2.

Starting today at 10 am ET, Canada Writes is holding a new 12-hour writing challenge: the Valentine's Day "Breakup Tweet" Challenge.

That's right—we want your best "Dear John" letter in a Tweet.

The prize:

Oh, only a little iPad 2. Not bad for 140 characters, right?

The details:

  • Between 10 am and 10 pm ET today, February 14, tweet a breakup letter using the hashtag #canadawrites. (That means the hashtag cuts into your overall 140 characters. Sorry.)
  • Your (probably fictional) tweet can be funny, pithy or downright heartbreaking. Just make sure it gets our attention.
  • Submit to the challenge as many times as you like (with a different break-up letter each time, natch). 

Celebrity judge alert!

The Globe and Mail’s “Tart” columnist @TabathaSouthey (read our Q&A with her here) will be glued to the #canadawrites Twitter feed all day, and occasionally commenting on the tweets that catch her eye. Beware, Tabatha is known for her dry wit and pithy tweets, so make sure your entries are up to snuff!

So how will you say "it's over"? We can't wait to read all about it! #canadawrites

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