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The Breakup Tweet Challenge is now closed

What a day it’s been! Thank you Canada for keeping us chuckling and smiling all day long with your pithy, funny Tweets. We’re a little exhausted (read: extremely worn out) from trying to keep up with you. 

We now begin the momentous task of tallying all the entries, but we don’t envy our judge Tabatha Southey. She has a long road ahead of her, sifting through the thousands (literally, thousands) of entries we received in order to find one winner. Good luck Tabatha! You can relive the drama from today's challenge by simply following the #canadawrites stream on Twitter

It’s too soon for us to say when exactly we will be announcing a winner. But be sure to check this space again soon (and like us on Facebook) for updates. 

Next writing competition opens on March 1st. Get ready for Poetry!

Thanks for writing, Canada. We hope we added some spice and fun to your Valentine's day!

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