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Breakup Tweet Challenge

Breakup Tweet Challenge Winner

Our judge, Tabatha Southey, has made her final decision. The winning tweet in the inaugural Breakup Tweet Challenge is...

@craddo fun facts 

@craddo submitted a whopping 64 tweets in the challenge (over 70 if you count the tweets that were mistakenly hashtagged #canadareads!).

A sampling of reasons @craddo gave for breaking up: Margaret Atwood, Game of Thrones, Vic Toews, blankets, gluten and Mario Kart.

What our judge had to say 

The Globe and Mail's Tabatha Southey (@TabathaSouthey) found so many entries to love that she created nine separate categories of "All-Star". That being said, she had to choose one, and Timbits clearly have a special place in her heart. Tabatha had the following to say about her choice:

"My choice for the best tweet in The Canada Writes Breakup Tweet challenge comes from a tremendous body of Breakup Tweet work and it was truly difficult to select just one of his tweets. 

That said, @craddo excelled and his winning tweet was selected because, like so much of the best on Twitter, it says everything and yet leaves so much unsaid. I love it for its restraint, yet it said “It’s over” more than any other single Breakup Tweet, and yes its contains distinctly Canadian content. Congratulations to @craddo for his iPad 2-winning tweet."

Meet the man behind the tweet

We at Canada Writes wanted to get inside the mind of the winning breakup tweeter. Below, our Q&A with the new owner of an iPad 2, Chris Craddock.

Tell us about yourself.
I'm just a 39-year-old married fellow living in Edmonton, Alberta. I do write for a living, which I guess makes me kind of a ringer (sorry). For hobbies I'm mostly into comic books and feeding wild birds. 

How did you hear about the Canada Writes Breakup Tweet Challenge?
I heard about it through Twitter. I've been a little obsessed lately, so my wife suggested I try to use this time something focussed like this contest. I never dreamed I might win! 

How do you normally use Twitter? 
I guess I'm attracted to Twitter as a comedy tool, and some of my favourite comedy is political comedy. It's delightful to see hilarious stuff being said about vital issues, and sometimes even making a difference. 

If you could choose a favourite tweet (besides your own) to win the challenge, what/whose would it be? 


How would you have felt if we had made this a "love tweet" challenge instead?
Well, each social media has its voice, it seems to me. Facebook is very personal and honest-ish, Linked In is very professional, etc., but Twitter is profane and wild and free. The sincerity of 'love tweets" would be wrong for it, I think, and for me, super boring. Me and my wife are in love and it's fun and easy and lovely and nothing much to tweet about. 

What kind of writing do you usually do? 
I've written musicals like BoyGroove and BASH'd: a gay rap opera, and a bunch of plays, including some for young audiences, and a couple of minor feature films. Right now I am working on a tiny little TV show for SuperChannel. Me and all my friends are involved. It's kind of awesome.

How do you feel about Valentine's Day?
Well, I know it's a corporate invention and everything, but WHAT ISN'T? Honestly, I'm a sucker for holidays of most kinds, from Christmas to Mother's Day to Hangover Day, which is a floating holiday that can be celebrated at any time, up to one hundred times per year. 

When you weren't busy writing cynical breakup tweets for our challenge, how did you celebrate Valentine's Day?
Me and my wife ordered in Thai food, which is a favourite treat of ours. We also bought Ben Folds tickets. He wrote our wedding song and we're gonna go and romance out on that stuff when that comes up. We're the romantic kind of couple who calls watching "Parenthood" a date night. Ignore us. We're gross. 

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Canada Writes Breakup Tweet Challenge—and stay tuned to our Facebook page for news on our next Twitter challenge!

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