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Breakup Tweet Challenge

All-Stars Part 5: "No Going Back"

We'll be announcing the winner of the Breakup Tweet Challenge tomorrow! In the meantime, we're rolling out the All-Stars as chosen by our judge, The Globe and Mail's Tabatha Southey (@TabathaSouthey). Today's category: "No Going Back."
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Best "No Going Back" Tweets

@jasondfedorchuk Our love is like a newly beheaded chicken: it's dead, but doesn't realize it. Also, horrifying to normal observers. #WeAreDone

@sexytypewriter I need to break up with you because you never return my calls, texts or tweets. Sorry it had to end this way, Ryan Gosling. 

@craddo Birds do it. Bees do it. They die in droves. Why can't you do that? 

@AliBryan And no, it is not normal to cry after sex. 

@RobertEG_Globe You were my sunshine and now I have skin cancer. In lieu of flowers, just go away. 

@LupsandTnks "If there was a zombie apocalypse I'd eat you first. Sorry." 

@imaginaryreview Think of me as a pit stop in the journey of life. I didn't last long but I did remove the nozzle from your gas tank in time. 

@AliBryan When did my feelings change? Probably when the freezing went away. 

@I_Tell_Stories I hate the way you chew. 

We'll be announcing the winner of the Canada Writes Breakup Tweet Challenge on Wednesday, February 22. Meanwhile, read all of Tabatha Southey's All-Stars here. 

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