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Breakup Tweet Challenge

All-Stars Part 4: "Political"

We'll be announcing the winner of the Breakup Tweet Challenge on Wednesday. In the meantime, we're rolling out the All-Stars as chosen by our judge, The Globe and Mail's Tabatha Southey (@TabathaSouthey). Today's category: "Political."
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Best Political Tweets

@AllenWhite75 Joe, I met a guy from Calgary last night, and well, the West wanted in. Freeze in the dark, ya Eastern bastard. 

@freecitycitizen Notwithstanding you. 

@G_Soule I've tried to make the changes this relationship needed but what did you do? That's right, you voted against them.

@craddo No no. Harper didn't BAN our love. He wouldn't do that. He just secretly removed the funding. 

@monicarooney Just like the government, you don't belong in my bedroom. 

@TallPolitical I just moved time allocation to limit debate about our future together. 

@ThePMSaidSo It's not so much a break up as it is a prorogue. 

@shawnmicallef We're like two solitudes in this bed. 

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