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Breakup Tweet Challenge

All-Stars Part 3: "Canadiana" and "Tech & Nerd"

We'll be announcing the winner of the Breakup Tweet Challenge on Wednesday. In the meantime, we're rolling out the All-Stars as chosen by our judge, The Globe and Mail's Tabatha Southey (@TabathaSouthey). Today's categories: "Canadiana" and "Tech & Nerd."
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Best Canadiana Tweets

@shaecooke It was 30 below; your tongue stuck to that telephone pole like a newborn calf latching onto its mother. "Releath me” you said. 

@gmacofglebe we'll always have Paris... Ontario.

@BenBrisebois We fight like I'm James Wolfe and you're Marquis de Montcalm. No matter who wins, it will kill us both. 

Best Tech and Nerd Tweets

@savageknight If you are still reading this, then I have to adjust my security settings. 

@f*ckyeahcbc No can love. Am robot. 
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@craddo You were not the droids I was looking for. 

@mikeymaybe You've sullied my Netflix account. 

@Pitchandspin Darling, just search #canadawrites Pick one you like. 

@bellyofawhale You keep giving our bedroom bad reviews on @yelp 

@bellyofawhale I read your blog. 

Stay tuned for Part 4 of Tabatha's All-Star Tweets tomorrow: the "Political" category.  

Read Part 2 of Tabatha's All-Stars here.

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