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Winter Tales

Your true winter tales

By Sarah Gilbert 

Digging out after the storm of over 1,500 True Winter Tales, it feels like there are enough snowy stories to build a quinzee. 

Winters may not be as cold as they used to be, but there's still a heap of shoveling and freezing and sliding and skiing and playing going on. Add to that the cold we experienced as kids, which is still etched in our minds. The sensation of itchy wool long underwear, weighty quilts and immobilizing snowsuits will never be forgotten. Same for the thrill of epic snowball wars and backyard rinks.

Hot chocolate is the national drink in these stories. Clearly, we are desperate for something sweet and warm. It's winter in Canada. Risk, danger and bad judgment lurk everywhere.
The tales of winter highway trips that end in the snowy ditch are too many to count (People, stay home in a storm!). There is endless falling, falling on ice in fashion boots, falling tangled in cross-country skis, falling off tow ropes, falling through ice -on foot, on skates, on skis, skidoo and even in a Volkswagen van. (Hey Canadians, smarten up!). 

So many of you have confessed to the urge to lick cold metal that we have discovered a new literary genre: Tongue Metal.

Some stories are mythic. An Italian Nona serves fettuccine and espresso to passengers stranded on a snowbound city bus; a boy braves a blizzard to rescue relatives with a horse-drawn sleigh; a winter camper huddles in a sleeping bag while wolves howl; and little girls pit themselves against the school janitor in the battle for ice mountain.

These memories glitter, a kaleidoscope of winter darkness and light. Here's to your stories of life in the cold. 

We'll be announcing the winner of the Winter Tales challenge today at noon (ET) on the Canada Writes site. Stay tuned!

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